Portrait Photography


I understand and appreciate the value of great portraits. Not only will you cherish the memories of your loved ones today but you will allow future generations to do so as well. I’ll produce great photography working within your home or at any of your favourite locations. I encourage you to choose locations that best fit and represent your lifestyle.


The engagement photo session is an important part of the process. This is an opportunity to get to know your photographer and learn what to expect on the wedding day. Often I get couples wanting to remove the engagement photo session from my services to try and save a few dollars (remember, it’s included in all wedding collections) and I tell them it’s an essential part of the process.

The following statement was made by a couple that wanted to remove the engagement photo session from the collection because they were nervous about being in front of the camera. After explaining the benefits of having the engagement photo session, I was able to convince them to give it a try. This is what they expressed to me afterwards.

“We were nervous and unsure of what to expect but come the wedding day, I think we’ll be more relaxed and more pose-worthy without looking as forced from our end. I’m glad we did this, because now I can really see the benefit of just relaxing and not worrying so much that you’re taking pictures.”

This statement illustrates exactly why I include the engagement photo session in all my collections. For most couples this will be their first time working with a professional photographer and they’ll have little or no idea on what to expect. I want to remove as much stress and assumptions as possible before the wedding day itself. It’s my mission to work with you as a team and to make sure I capture you looking your best.
Please contact me today to see if I have your wedding date available and to book your free no-obligation consultation.

Maternity photos:

Maternity photos are such a great keepsake for you, your partner and your soon-to-be new family member. What better way to show the beauty, and the miracle of life than by showing your baby bump? The maternity photos usually take place in the comfort of your home, in your natural environment, or we can plan to go outside. It’s always nice to have photos that represent you and your family, so choose locations that best fit and represent your lifestyle.

I usually recommend you plan to have your maternity photo session close too your 32nd week. . Please allow 2 hours for the session including setup, scenery and clothing changes, and the photography itself.

Newborn portraits:

The newborn session usually takes about 2 hours, sometimes a little bit longer (extra time is needed for feedings, diaper changes and getting the baby to cooperate). I recommend you plan to have the newborn photos within 5 to 10 days after the birth.

Why so fast?

In the early days, newborns are very sleepy and easier to place and pose. I know this may seem like a daunting task for new parents but the results will be totally worth it. Newborns change so fast and this stage will be gone before you know it.